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Welcome to Rocky

We develop Chirstian Leaders.

I work full time: online courses fit into my schedule, and I’ve heard great things about the school from my friends.

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I could engage with other students and with the prof, but in a way that allowed me to remain in the communities I was already embedded in.

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RMC Team

The historic mandate of Rocky Mountain College has not changed. We continue to focus on delivering quality Christian training to equip students for God’s calling.

Kerry Belt

Kerry Belt


  • B.R.E., Mountain View Bible College, 1983;
  • M.R.E., Canadian Theological Seminary, 1990;
  • Carpenter, 1983-1987;
  • Conference Youth Director and Mountain View Bible College, 1991-92;
  • Rocky Mountain College 1992-Present.


Gaileen Gillies

Gaileen Gillies

Vice President, Advancement

  • University of Calgary, 1977;
  • Counseling Certificate 1998;
  • Counseling Diploma, Rocky Mountain College, 2004;
  • High School Teacher, 1972-1978; Small Business Owner / Entrepreneur 1978-Present;


  • Volunteer Coordinator, New Life Centres, 1998;
  • Program Coordinator, Challenge Program, 1998-2000;
  • Development Director, Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre, 2000-2003, Rocky Mountain College, 2000-Present.
Brad Teigen, DMin

Brad Teigen, DMin

Vice President, Academic

  • Diploma of Evangelism, Mount Carmel 1992;
  • BAR Youth, Rocky Mountain College 1997;
  • MDiv Edmonton Baptist Seminary 2000;
  • DMin Nazarene Theological Seminary;
  • Associate Pastor, Rocky Mountain House 1999-2003;
  • Pastor, Claresholm 2003-2006; Pastor, Calgary 2006-2011;Pastor, Rocky Mountain House 2016-2022;
  • Rocky Mountain College 2008-Present.

Phone: 403 284-5100 ext. 403 284-5100 ext. 107

Virginia Hooper,DMin

Virginia Hooper,DMin

Program Coordinator - Human Services

  • B.R.E., Hillcrest Christian College, 1977;
  • M.A.R., Western Evangelical Seminary, 1979;
  • L.P.C. (Licensed Professional Counselor), Montana State University, 1985-1987;
  • Ed.D. (ABD), University of Montana, 2001-2008
  • DMin, Trinity Western University Seminary., 2024

Phone: 403 284-5100 ext. 105

Kailynne Belt

Kailynne Belt

Finance & Registrar

  • BA Theology- Biblical Studies Major, Rocky Mountain College, April 2014;
  • Rocky Mountain College 2013- Present;
  • YWAM Honolulu DTS (Discipleship Training School) Staff/SBS (School of Biblical Studies) Staff 2007-2009

Phone: 403 284-5100 ext. 102

Naomi Rokos

Naomi Rokos

Partner Success Liaison

  • BA Leadership Development - Youth Leadership, Rocky Mountain College, April 2010

Phone: 403 284-5100 ext. 103

Robert Harris

Robert Harris

Enrolment and Marketing Director

  • Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations 1986-1990 Central Washington University- Ellensburg, WA;
  • Master of Professional Studies 1993-1998 Alliance Theological Seminary - Nyack, NY

Phone: 403 284-5100 ext. 101

Rocky Mountain College’sMission, Vision and Values


RMC Facilitators

  • Amy Beange 

     Biblical Studies and General Studies
  • LaDawne Boehlig

     Human Services
  • Darlene Hyatt

     Biblical Studies
  • Andrew Klager 

     General Studies 
  • Jennifer LeBlanc

    General Studies
  • David Skidmore

     Leadership & Biblical Studies 
  • Curtis Slater

     General Studies 
  • Mike Swalm

     Theology, Biblical Studies & General Studies 
  • Shari Van Spronsen

     Human Services 
  • Wayne Whitbourne

     Global Leadership 
  • Matthew Wilks